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This is the most appreciated and popular manicure treatment for people who regularly care for  their hands and nails. The treatment is a combination of all techniques, it consists of filing and shaping  nail plate by using clippers and a milling machine.

The very best brands, reliable hybrid coatings, hardened under a UV lamp, are the reason it is totally worth to try hybrid manicure. A product that is applied like a nailpolish and wears like a gel, it also comes with an easier removal process. Long-lasting wear (up to 2 weeks) natural look and glossy finish. Resists dullness and chipping, all without roughing up the nail plate. It strengthens the nail plate and makes it more flexible.

Beautiful, natural-looking nails are every woman’s dream. Elastic modelling gels, suitable for all types of nails, variety of colours, glitter, sparkling with different hues will make you feel stylish, confident and very feminine. The trendiest color gels with velvet or silk finish will be the perfect addition to your stylizations.


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The treatment starts with a nice warm feet bath with some softening salt. The next step is filing and shaping of the nail plate with clippers. Feet skin is being smoothened by a  milling machine or a grater and applying colour gives the final touch to the nicely pampered feet.

Long lasting, hardened under the UV lamp, full of shine and gloss it will be best addition for pedicure.

Extremely durable, without scratches and chipping for several weeks. It allows to put your shoes on immediately without worries about damaging the look.

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Joanna Mielcarek-Lubinska

About Joanna Mielcarek

A few words about me … My name is Joanna Mielcarek- Łubinska. I’m 31 years old. I have graduated Beauty College and later I majored in human nutrition at Poznań University of Life Sciences.

However,  it is cosmetology I have devoted most attention to and it also became my greatest passion. I have entered my professional path when I started working at a beauty salon where I developed my skills, but I have truly spread my wings when I opened my own business. This opportunity,  not only has confirmed my belief that cosmetology is passion but also that is what I want to do in my life.

Additionally, I became a trainer of well-known cosmetic brand OPI and that function motivated me  to improve my skills and broaden my horizons.

Everything changed when I have decided to join my husband abroad in Denmark. The move to a new country was a difficult decision but the power of love and a desire for further development have brought me to decision to become a beautician here.

At the beginning, the road to success was rocky, but by taking baby steps you achieve anything. That is why I have decided to open my own beauty place. I would like to invite everybody, who like me, like to feel beautiful.

What my customers say

“Joanna er min u-undværlige negle-guru! Hun sørger for at mine negle altid ser fantastiske smukke og velplejede ud! Så skønt i en hverdag hvor det kan være svært at nå selv!”

“Jeg har været hos flere negleteknikkere og kosmetologer igennem tiden og der er ingen tvivl om at Joanna Mielcarek tilbyder behandlinger på et helt andet niveau end du finder de fleste andre steder. Og så er hun super sød oveni! : )”

“Jeg har anbefalet Joanna Mielcarek til flere af mine veninder og alle er så glade for hende! Hun er vanvittig dygtig og sørger altid for at du er fuldt ud tilfreds inden du går hjem. Kan varmt anbefale Joanna næste gang du vil forkæle dig selv med smukke negle på hænder og fødder.”